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List animations in an atlas


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Hi samme,


true, some apps don't store animation data in atlas. Some however, do. One example is Aseprite. It stores the animation data in metadata. And that's the crux of the whole thing. That part of the JSON is thrown away by the parser. But as @lewster32 pointed out, I can still load the JSON again and extract the information. I was just hoping to get it from Phaser. I guess I should change the way I load and first load the JSON and pass the data to Phaser afterwards via jsonData.


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Ah, shoot! My misunderstanding -- I thought Cache.getImage would give you back JSON for some reason, which, DUH, of course not.

You might be better off using loader.json to load it, find whatever information you need out of it, then add it directly to the cache as a texture atlas. Or store it in some registry where you can pull the frame names out later.

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