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Phaser game Audion MP3 vs WAV vs OGG


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Hi All,

Thanks for reading my question.

I created an jumping game using phaser and upload it to app store.

Game Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jump-go/id1143991571?mt=8

Now in the next version I am planning to add more good background and other game sounds (car, accident and other sounds) to make the game more real.

Can someone please tell me which format is better (MP3 or WAV or OGG).

When I check WAV files are too big compare to MP3 so I am thinking of using MP3 format, but worried about quality of the MP3 sound in mobile.

any suggestion will be highly appreciated 

Thank You


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Thanks for your reply.

i searched for "MP3 vs WAV vs OGG" in the forum but didn't show anything.

So i thought nobody asked this question.

Learned lot of new information from that questions.

I am going to use (m4a for iOS) as of now.

When I plan to release it in ogg or acc (not planning to use mp3 because of the licensing issue)


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Good news for everyone who used to be worried about MP3 patents. The last important patent expired on April 16, 2017.

As a result, the company that owned and enforced the MP3 as intellectual property terminated their licensing program on April 23, 2017:


This means you no longer need to worry about MP3 licensing issues.

Because of this, Wikimedia now started to host MP3 files on their own websites:


Additionally, "Fedora received the permission to ship MP3 encoding from Red Hat Legal.":


With Wikimedia and FOSS able to use MP3s unrestricted, it is now safe for the rest of us, and soon MP3 will become supported by devices and browsers that were once hindered by these patents and we will no longer need to accompany our MP3 files with a redundant version in OGG format.

Here is another excellent article for further reading:


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