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Low fps on samsung devices


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Hi Guys,

Currently we are developing slot games by using Phaser framework, it is a good one for developing games for both mobile and web.

But we are facing some problem with samsung devices and some android device that is  game get low FPS (<10), so we could not

run the game on mobile with good performance. Here we used game total assets size is around 12 MB.

Even we had test with sample project with 1MB assets this project we add only one button and only one sprite animation on the stage,

this project also get low fps like less than 10.

where is the problem can you guys please share your suggestion. It will be very useful to us to continue the project to develop the game asap.

Now we are very struggling with low fps, could you guys please suggest us where is the mistake.


Note: Tested sample class attached here please have a look on it and suggest us.


Thanks in advance.



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I was tried with bitmapText that also gave low fps, but when i switched to Phaser.AUTO render mode instead of Phaser.CANVAS in gives more than 50 fps

but Phaser.AUTO does not support some devices, how to handle this situation. Guys could please share your ideas it will really help to us.

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Thanks you much. I have one more doubt that is i want detect device details like that device will use canvas or webGL before creating Phaser right.

I think based on the device support only we need to create Phaser instance with render mode Phaser.AUTO or Phaser.CANVAS this thought is correct or not.



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thanks for you sharing.

Now i set Phaser.AUTO render mode game is working fine.

In desktop game run at 30-35 FPS only. (total game assets 7 MB). How can get 60 FPS on desktop could please suggest me.

One more clarification that is when game run on mobile at webGL mode all the click events not working there is any property need to enable?

sorry guys here i have one more clarification regarding unload assets, how we unload the assets when user get bonus game from maingame

here we could unload the maingame assets. currently i used game.cache.removeImage(id) it is useful to reduce memory?




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@tips4design - I've found occasions where certain mobile devices report as supporting WebGL, but actually have a buggy implementation so need to be forced to use Canvas :)

@selvam Using WebGL mode should not effect events. Increasing FPS is not something that can be helped without seeing the game code. Do a search on the forum and you'll find plenty of others who've asked more general tips on how to improve FPS; take a look and see what helps :) 

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