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How to Load Assets from different folder


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Hi guys,

I am working on an auto-update system for my project. I use Cordova to make Android build. The update system will check and download new files to cdvfile://localhost/persistent/app/ location. For example: "cdvfile://localhost/persistent/app/img/cat.png". Is there a way that I can load images from this folder, such as "game.load.image('cat', 'cdvfile://localhost/persistent/app/img/cat.png');"? So that I can use the new image instead of the old one. I know that this file is not on the server so I don't think I can set up 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin. Is that possible for me to load file from a location like that? What can I do if it is impossible for me? 

Bare with my English grammar. If you are confused about what I am asking, just leave a message. Thank you very much!


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