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Playground Compilation Error


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Hey guys hopefully this is a really easy one.

I've just picked up Babylon again after a few months off.  I have a problem and was trying to create a playground file to illustrate it.  However even while building my basic playground scene I am getting a compilation error and cannot see why.

Compilation error

Line 13:27450 - this.updateSideOrientationForRightHandedSystem is not a function


Thanks in advance.


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Hiya @touslecoq!  Yeah, BJS didn't like the 'new' keywords in line 30 and 31 (of below version)  (line 27-28 of your version)


And the faceColor lines don't need 'new' in those either, but those were not the showstoppers. 

I also added a hemisphericLight... a nice universal light that often gets aimed straight up.  That type of light uses a .groundColor.  It lights-up the bottom of the mesh, and contributes-to mesh side-illumination, too.  Lookin' pretty good, now.

Hope this helps.  Be well, party on!

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