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Trying to understand animated sprites


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Alright, so as a little background knowledge, I started my days as a 2D game developer with flixel, so I'm used to how they did things.

How do animated sprites/Movieclips/idk work? I'm wanting to have a sprite with several animations (walking left, walking right, etc), and yet cannot seem to find a way to pack these images and then play certain frames.

If possible, I would like to not use the json format at all, because I'm using a more manual way (exporting frames from blender and merging them in gimp).


Thanks :D

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For pixi, the MovieClip is just a list of textures to apply to itself as it inherits from Sprite. A Texture can just be a frame into a larger spritesheet.

So to use MovieClip just create an array of Texture objects and it plays that animation.

As far as animation management, creating animations naming them swapping between them, advanced timing. None of that is built into pixi. You'd have to build that yourself using the tools we give you in Sprites, Textures , et al.

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