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phaser gameover screen


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Hi, i'm creating a gameover screen and i made it .. now i want color faded or like an overlay screen around gameover screen group. 

this is the code snippet i'm using ... 

        this.gameOverScreenGroup = this.game.add.group();
        this.gameOverScreenGroup.x = 197;
        this.gameOverScreenGroup.y = 52;
        var gameOverBGScreen = this.game.add.bitmapData(this.game.width,this.game.height);
        gameOverBGScreen.ctx.fillStyle = "#d5d2cc"
        /* Game Over screen BG */
        this.gameOverBG = this.game.add.graphics(0,0,this.gameOverScreenGroup);
       // this.gameOverBG.lineStyle(2, 0xFFFF00, 1.0);
        this.gameOverBG.beginFill(0xfaecbe, 1);
        this.gameOverBG.width = 630;
        this.gameOverBG.height = 600; 
       // this.gameOverScreenGroup.add(gameOverBGScreen)
        //this.gameOverScreenGroup.x = this.gameOverBG.x;
        //this.gameOverScreenGroup.y = this.gameOverBG.y;

        var star_1 = this.game.add.sprite(60, 74,'UI', 'star',this.gameOverScreenGroup);
        var star_2 = this.game.add.sprite(star_1.width+110, 44,'UI', 'star',this.gameOverScreenGroup);
        var star_3 = this.game.add.sprite(star_2.width*2+160, 74,'UI', 'star',this.gameOverScreenGroup);

         this.nextBtn = this.game.add.sprite(209, 226,'UI', 'btn_next',this.gameOverScreenGroup);
         this.nextBtn.inputEnabled = false;

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Are you just trying to get a semi transparent overlay drawn behind your menu? This is the code I use to do that:

var bmd = game.add.bitmapData(1, 1);
bmd.fill(0, 0, 0);
var semiTransparentOverlay = game.add.sprite(0, 0, bmd);
semiTransparentOverlay.scale.setTo(game.width, game.height);
semiTransparentOverlay.alpha = 0;
game.add.tween(semiTransparentOverlay).to({alpha:0.5}, 500, Phaser.Easing.Quadratic.In, true);


In the future, when you make a new post, there is a button in the tool bar on this forum that will let you format your code to make it easier to read. That's what I used above to make the text look like it does.

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