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Hello all,


My team and I are working on developing new games, and we are looking for tips on how to approach the "storyboarding" aspect of game development.  i.e.  when we have a number of people with story suggestions, what is the best way to organize the story, collaborate, and get the game moving forward.  


I appreciate any input.



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FIrst of all, you should assign a certain member of your team for a writer's position, so that someone will be actually responsible for this (because shared responsibility means noone's responsibility at all). Then, this person should gather input from the team and compile it in a reasonable manner, taking into account all the variables. It's crucial to have a one single person responsible for this, because otherwise the story will get inconsistent and ultimately fail.

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Thank you very much for your input, I will take heed to your advice.  My team consists of many 'creative' members who all think that their stories will change the world.  One of my reasons for the posting was to find a strategy for the many voices to come together.  I can see how one voice will be needed to manage and create the project once the initial drinks over a campfire brainstorm conversation has taken place.

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