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Is this an efficient way to load sprites?


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var mySpriteSheetImage  = PIXI.BaseTexture.fromImage("img/mySpriteSheet.png");

var spriteTexture1 = new PIXI.Texture(mySpriteSheetImage, new PIXI.Rectangle(x:0, y:0, width:32, height:32));

var spriteTexture2 = new PIXI.Texture(mySpriteSheetImage, new PIXI.Rectangle(x:32, y:0, width:32, height:32));

var spriteTexture3 = new PIXI.Texture(mySpriteSheetImage, new PIXI.Rectangle(x:64, y:0, width:32, height:32));

var mySprite = new PIXI.Sprite(spriteTexture1);


The code above loads many sprites from a sprite sheet. This code was found here. Is there a better way to get the same functionality?

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If you have a manifest file that describes the rectangles of your spritesheet the loader can automatically create all those textures for you. The loader does some cool things, like loading the image and creating a texture for you.

fromImage is a shortcut that loads the image and creates a texture. The loader is more powerful in that it supports middleware and can do lots of different pre/post processing on loaded resources. Which is why you can pass it a JSON file from TexturePacker, for example, and the loader will auto detect the image, load it, and create a texture for each frame. It does this by running code very much like what you have above, it just does it for you automatically.


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