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Merge mesh with simplified polygons?


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Before I set off to try to build this.. is there anything built in, or 3rd party that can combine these cubes like MergeMeshs would, but actually remove duplicate vertices?

I'm sure I'm using all the wrong terminology.. so here is a playground, and a photoshop mock up of what I'm after :)





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Need to read over what exactly is going on in this function when I have a few minutes (we are moving, during a hurricane at the moment)

I did drop it into my code base, but didnt see any noticable performance gain :(

In my implementation, I'm planning to generate 200-300 rows. As the player falls between the blocks it lags really badly as it tries to figure out collisions I guess.

I may try a heightMap approach next and see if thats any more performant. 

Thanks for the reply @JohnK

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