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FreeCamera 'Look At'


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I've been adding features to my game, and came across a weirdness that I don't know how to explain!

I've created the basis for my question here. There are a number of objects in the game scene, and I want the player to be able to choose one to look at. I am using the FreeCamera, since it suits my purposes.

After adapting the TargetCamera.setTarget function to return the rotation vector of a camera without setting its target explicitly, I can now create an easing animation which gracefully orients the camera in that direction. The link above demonstrates this working in a loop which starts one animation, then on completion, selects a new random target, and starts the animation all over again.

The problem is Line 45:

camera.rotation.z = 0;

Without this line, at the end of the animation, the camera.rotation (normally a Vector3 with x,y,z) becomes a Vector2 with x,y. This causes the screen to go black after the last frame of animation.

Now, my two questions:

1. Why? :) It seems to me that dropping the last part of a Vector3 at the end of an animation is a bug, but my inexperience with BabylonJS makes me think there is probably a better explanation.

2. Is there a better way that I could animate a FreeCamera's orientation?

Thanks for your time, and if this solves a problem for anyone, please enjoy the code :)


- Peter

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