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Pause and Sound resume issue


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I'm really new to phaser and having some issues with my game on which I created a script that when the player clicks or goes outside of the game (e.g. clicks another tab), the music should be paused and when it resumes (user clicks back in game), music should continue. The issue is that when the game continues, it music starts over the very beginning. I've followed some of the examples that I've found here but still does not work. Anyone experiencing the same thing or it's juts with my implementation?


var introState = function(game){

introState.prototype = {

    preload: function(){
        game.load.audio('intro', '../music/intro.mp3');
    create: function(){
        recording = game.add.audio('intro');

        game.onPause.add(pauseMusic, this);
        game.onResume.add(resumeMusic, this);

    render: function(){

function pauseMusic() {

function resumeMusic() {


This is just one of a state with in my game. Any help is appreciated.


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