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LensRenderingPipeline non-static grain/noise


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Hi all !

Here's a little tweaked version of the LensRenderingPipeline demo :
I've raised the grain amount, I really like what it does !

But the noise/grain is static : how would you make the noise more dynamic/moving ? I'd like the result to be more "video" than "photo".

Anyone knows how to do this while keeping it simple ?

Thanks !

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Thank you for your answer !

Calling setGrainAmount() can indeed make the noise more dynamic by changing the values, but that's not exactly what I meant, the noise is still "flat".
I was wondering if there is a way to reset the "
random B&W noise Texture", when the grain texture is unset : for example, every x frame, the random B&W texture is recalculated, displaying a new random B&W noise texture. This would give a more realistic "video" noise rather than "photographic" noise.

A little bit like that :


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Hi all. Agreed with meteoritool. Would be fantastic to have a "time" or "z" component on the lens grain noise for added realism.

To take it a stage further, a chromatic grain (with different R/G/B noise scales) would be the icing on the cake ;) (Quite an interesting doc on grain field simulation here:  http://www.dctsystems.co.uk/Text/grain.pdf)


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