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Anyone have any state switch animation I can just plug into my game?


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think about decomposing your problem a little bit more, and you probably will find a super easy way to do it, otherwise, here is how i think it can be done (theoretically) 


let's take the pokemon example :


as you said there is more than one state in a pokemon game :

-open world

-in battle

so you probably will need 2 booleans (if not more) and tell the game to render "those stuff" if you are in the open world mode, and render "other stuff" if you are in the battle mode 

now for the translation screen (black and blink etc)

it's just another state, that should be available when one of the previous state is disabled, and the next state cannot be enabled before the translation state is over, just try to play with that and you'll find a way out

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