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TilingSprite Performance


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Since Ivan pushed TilingSprite to visual perfection, I rushed to integrate it to my map_editor, it basically renders the entire map directly into the scene (questionable method, works wonders for me with a GT750M OSX, almost always 60fps, but we had a lot of issues when I onboarded a map creator with a GTX960M on Windows)

Anyway, I had a test map filled with excessive amounts of area tiles, when I turned on my new TilingSprite routine for that map, the fps jumped from 4-5's to 60fps, at that point I thought, no matter how it's used, TilingSprite would be a life-saver in terms of performance

But as it turns out, in another map, in a normal map, it dropped the map_editor fps from ~55 to sub-20's (Area's aren't that big)

I added a condition to only use TilingSprite if the area is subjectively large, in that case, the fps remained around 55

My unprofessional and un-backed conclusion is to use TilingSprite mainly for ~full page Sprite's - or really large area's

Just wanted to share my limited experience and check whether anyone else run any performance experiments

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After posting this, decided to calibrate my usage, found a sweet spot that pushed the fps from 55 to 60

TL;DR: Don't use TilingSprite for small areas, but for large areas, it makes a difference that matters, and matters a lot

Interestingly, I expected the performance to be on-par with Sprite's on Canvas, but on canvas, with a calibrated TilingSprite, the fps was 18, while with regular Sprite's, it was 14, so I personally marked it safe to use for Canvas mode too

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