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Hey guys,

I've a problem with the FbxExporter. Every time I export my model I only got the model without textures(only 2 textures, the texture of the roof and the wood texture) and if I try the model in the Sandbox it has only 5 -15 fps but I exported with 60 fps. Please help! ;(

~ Marc

no texture problem.png

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Oh thanks

Yes mostly there comes /animstack: ] and than [X]CAD Animations 001 or other [X] and at the end the console sayed that the FbxExport don't work and after a few seconds there is a Debug Message


And I think I know why it is so slow because there were loaded over 1.5million vetices and 19000 meshes. But how can I reduce it? :D


Thank you! ;D

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@marc. - 

I'm on a production currently which has the very same issue - it is the FBX exporter, as well as the distinct different methods used in applying materials in C4D that is the problem. The FBX exporter is not exporting materials and textures correctly, so your only method left (short of switching software) is to import the FBX into Blender and re-apply your materials and textures. I've tried every other method I know of including editing the ascii version of the FBX. The only other solution is to use 3DSMax or Maya to build and texture your models. I don't have any personal preference for any 3D application necessarily, but I have had so many problems using C4D in production currently and in the past, that I will avoid using it altogether in the future. The company simply doesn't have the resources to maintain support for it's user base. I wish I had better news, but I'm working in Blender right now re-applying materials and textures on a scene exported from C4D - and it's costing me allot of time and money as I have to add many hours each day to complete the current project. Unfortunately for me, the models are already built and approved by the client - built in C4D.

Best of luck,


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9 hours ago, dbawel said:

so your only method left (short of switching software) is to import the FBX into Blender and re-apply your materials and textures.

I suspect that what @dbawelsays is true.

However, a couple of thoughts:

1.) Can C4D export as an .obj file? And if so does it create a .mtl file (which contains the materials data)? Can that be imported into Blender?

2. Are the "textures" in C4D actual images(png, jpg,tga etc.)  or some kind of procedural textures?

3. Are there references to textures in Blender as currently you have the 3d window set up to show just  "solid" materials ( see the white sphere next to the box that says "Object Mode").  You might want to click the box on the right hand side (the Properties Panel) that has a checker pattern, then right click on the meshes in the big 3D window. Anything show up as a texture on the right panel?

And then you are still faced with 1.2 million verts :o. I think @Deltakosh is a little optimistic when he says "a decent number of vertices" :blink:

cheers, gryff :)

Edit: 19,000+ meshes !! Every pane of glass or window post must be a single mesh.

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Hi Marc,

i'm a cinema 4d user (and would love to see an exporter as well.. Or have fbx exporter read the materials from c4d export.)

but meanwhile I have a few approaches. (And I have tried all) 

The best way to get a model with materials into blender is using collada. 

If you use max, use collada as well (2014 export, not 2015). The fbx export from c4d will support the materials in max. But export to Babylonjs doesn't work because the materials Use an extra step (not sure what it's called. Press m and you'll see)

the fbx exporter doesn't support the materials but it's better in animation (more precise) than max exporter.

and with the blender exporter I haven't been able to get bones animations to work.

Hope it helps.

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@marc.: Well I took a look at your.blend file - and can find no textures though I do see UV maps on various meshes.

So your only solution would be as @dbawel says " is to import the FBX into Blender and re-apply your materials and textures " (or 3DMax or Maya). And as he points out above that could be a long and tedious task not made easier by the fact that the model seems to have several hundred materials. For example the concrete floor of the balconies - the "Teac" material - you have 64 materials (Teac, Teac1-63 that all appear to be the same)

As for the vertices, the image below indicates your problem. The meshes shown are the curtains/drapes on some of the windows - 51 of them. Each of those meshes has 7,442 vertices for a total of  379,542. If you decide to start reducing verts in your model - that would be a good place to start. But be warned it is another tedious exercise.

cheers, gryff :)






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@gryff has pointed out that mesh optimization will be an issue in your scene - even once you get the materials and textures working. I expect you can cut your verticies' count by 50% in looking at your scene. And if collada works for materials as @Flomotion has had experience with, then I would certainly try this first - but start with a simple mesh which replicates your material and texture applications, and not the huge group of meshes you are currently attempting to import. As for OBJ files, they do import materials, but only for single surface meshes - not merged surfaces, and not all material and texture channels will translate to WebGL. So my advice would be to import into Blender regardless, re-apply any materials and textures as well as attributes, and then export to the .babylon format. Even if collada works, you still should pass your models through Blender as it has the most complete and eficient .babylon exporter, and is maintained and up to date.



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