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To save player's state in cloud services, worth it?


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1. Do people play really multi-platform?

I mean is cross device persistence really needed. I make HTML5 games and it seems most players play only on desktop.

2. Any useful services around?

I've used Google's and Facebook's scores API, but players don't want to login. It's like 5% on Facebook and <1% on Google.

3. Host your own?

Which open source play services you use? That should be maintenance free and work without login.

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I guess that most people do play certain games on certain devices. I myself like to play puzzle games but only on mobile when I am commuting. However I play RPG or other games on a console or desktop when I am at home. Take that into account when deciding upon this but it heavily depends on your game. About services, google and facebook score API's serve well. If you want to have a bit more flexibility you could take a look at firebase (also for multiplayer games). https://firebase.google.com/docs/auth/. They also provide anonymous users (https://firebase.google.com/docs/auth/web/anonymous-auth) which give the user the option to save their stats later on. 

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