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Recommended Babylon.js application template and toolset?


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I know this is a rather subjective question, but is there a recommended Babylon.js application skeleton template and toolset?

I'm coming from an old school javascript background and other languages (OO PHP) so the new javascript landscape is cool (node, npm, gulp, webpack etc etc) but the choice is also daunting. So if I wanted to develop larger Babylon.js applications in Typescript (the syntax makes more sense to me) but have some automatic Typescript compilation, SASS/LESS compilation, linting, minification, obfuscation and packaging etc, are there recommendations or an app template somewhere to get me started? I'm assuming it's also possible to automatically create debug and production builds. I'm currently using Sublime Text but in the process of switching to PhpStorm (which includes all features of WebStorm).

Any pointers from seasoned Babylon.js developers appreciated.

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