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How to set the matrix of mesh in BabylonJs


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Hi guys,

I was trying to load obj meshes to the scene and for reusing them, I tried the method "createInstance".

However, I can't set the matrix of each instance by assigning each mesh a "_worldMatrx".

I am confused with the issue. Is there any methods for setting the mesh matrix? 

Sorry for the rookie question, any suggestion will be helpful. Thank you in advance.

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Hiya @curry, welcome to the forum.  I KNOW there are many ways to transform mesh with matrices, here.  I'm just not very knowledgeable about using matrices.  SO, I'm only "bumping" your questions... to the top of the Q&A forum.  Likely, I have no good answers for you.  Sorry.

Um... take a look at this...


Notice that is part of the Babylon Mesh class, so it would be mesh.bakeTransformIntoVertices(someMatrix), I suppose.  That might work for you.  Not sure.  We'll talk... and hopefully others (smarter folks than I) will comment soon.  Again, welcome.

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