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Text2D transparency


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Hi @steven_EXC


there is a ScreenSpaceCanvas2D.opacity property. A value of 0.5 equals to 50% transparency. The Text2D object has this property too. But I don't know whether you can change the Text2D opacity after it has been used inside a ScreenSpaceCanvas2D object. I think it's internally baked or something... Then use simply the canvas.opacity property.

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@Nabroski Thanks, I did not know you can simply change the content after all. I really can use it for one of my projects. But I have a some questions:

1. Is there any reason for the rect2D? Why not setting the text2D directly as a child of the canvas2D? -> http://babylonjs-playground.com/#TQFJR#2

2. Why did you use onAfterCameraRenderObservable and not registerBeforeRender?


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So this is a little embarrassing.  Here's basically what I was doing in my code before I posted: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#TQFJR#3

As you can see, it works.  I should've just created a playground with my issue and I would've seen that it was working fine.  My issue was that I wasn't using the right version of babylon.  As soon as I grabbed an updated version, it all worked fine.  There must've been something wonky in the version I was using before.

Sorry for the mix-up.  Thanks for your help guys!

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Hey Steffen,

Greetings to Hanover, i remember we started here in the Forum at the same time! 

"Why did you use onAfterCameraRenderObservable and not registerBeforeRender?

I use Scene Optimization and sometimes, it happens my models wont load when Babylon don't CompileAndRun after(CameraRender) - so the 1Frame is ready, this way i never facing problems. 
I'm also an experimental nature, i have to keep a basic work set from witch i expect a working behavior when turning the knobs all the way up in other areas. 
You also see at my post count i have contribute some of playgrounds here, so, basically i copy paste stuff that i already got few month ago.



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