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This is my first post, because i was most time reading here in the past months.

Actually I am working in a small indy team on some full featured MMO platform thats using babylon.js.
It`s an commercial platform we do together to bring up webgl MMO games in a quick and easy way.

Here some challenges we are working on:

  • FULL authorative server, with an determistic fork of babylon.js that`s rewritten in ES6 (no typescript)
  • Server side physics simulation
  • IOS/Android client
  • Micro payment system
  • Realtime level editor with multiple procedural tools (persistent)
  • Avatar creator (face from image, morphing, outfits)
  • Dynamic cloud instancing (actually only AWS)
  • Asset server with bucket API
  • Player authentification by account, facebook, google and twitter
  • Dynamic node > buffer serialization optimized for websockets
  • Chat / Voicechat / Instant messaging (WebRTC)

Many of those tasks are done already today, but the major task to rewrite babylon has just started.
For now we do use a slightly hacked version that gave us the proof of concept, but it's far from a production ready release. 

While doing alot of testings with babylon and other frameworks we considered that babylon is absolutely the best to use.
The only weak point we found is the animation system. I could write a book about that because it kept me busy for weeks in testings, well, we decided to rewrite that whole part from scratch.

Our framework is built on node.js, mongoDB, Redis, WS, multiple cloud SDK's and API's.
At the current stage it is playable with a really stunning networking performance and lightweight client because all the collision and physics happens server side.

So why i am posting this here?
It's because we are looking for 1-2 more skilled developers to join our party.

Want to develop MMO`s?
Then ping me and i can tell a bit more about the project or show a running demo.

Kind Regards


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HI Marcus - am interested in why you'd be so keen to rewrite Babylon in ES6? There's obviously a cost in time and subsequent maintenance - you must think you'll benefit somehow? I'm not trying to make a point - am genuinely curious.

Sounds like a fantastic project! 

All the best


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There are several reasons to use ES6, such as easier debugging, full control about the syntax and less complicated use in node.js.
This could all be done with typescript, but when comparing the compiled code you will notice that this is really worth it.

The code conversion was done like inteja mentioned, but requires alot of manual cleanup afterwards to have nice readable code.
Challenge is more about changing some major functionality, like implementing a client/server mode to the engine what means to limit features to server or client only.
One good example is the action manager that runs only server side and streams down events to some new client action handler.


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