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Need help using a shader in babylon


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I am not very familiar with GLSL. I am trying to integrate an Ambient Occlusion Shader with Babylon using ShaderMaterial. The shader source can be found at: https://github.com/mikolalysenko/ao-shader

Vertex Shader: https://github.com/mikolalysenko/ao-shader/blob/master/lib/ao.vsh
Fragment shader: https://github.com/mikolalysenko/ao-shader/blob/master/lib/ao.fsh

I've setup the shader in CYOS at: 

CYOS is throwing some errors:

[.Offscreen-For-WebGL-0x7f9aaa872c00]PERFORMANCE WARNING: Attribute 0 is disabled. This has significant performance penalty
[.Offscreen-For-WebGL-0x7f9aaa872c00]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 0


When using the shader with `shaderMaterial` like:

var aoShader = new BABYLON.ShaderMaterial("AO", scene, {
  vertexElement: "vertexShaderCode",
  fragmentElement: "fragmentShaderCode"
  attributes: ["attrib0", "attrib1"],
  uniforms: ["projection", "view", "model", "tileCount", "tileSize", "tileMap"]
aoShader.setFloat('tileSize', 0.16);


This produces an error:

`babylon.js:4 WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: drawElements: no buffer is bound to enabled attribute`


I believe the Shader is dependent on some external mesh data. I'm not sure how to pass it. 

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@Nabroski  Thanks very much for taking a look. I really aappreciate the help.

I'm looking at this particular shader because I am using a complementary voxel mesher see: https://github.com/mikolalysenko/ao-mesher

I haven't put together a playground because I'm working with a lot of binary data that's not easily copy/pasted to the playground.

I have open sourced what I have so far at https://github.com/kevzettler/robotbones

You can see the main entry point at: https://github.com/kevzettler/robotbones/blob/master/src/client.js

The code can be viewed live at https://kevzettler.com/robotbones

This shader and mesher have been used with THREE.js successfully. You can see that here https://github.com/shama/ndthree
I am basically trying to recreate that setup with Babylonjs

High level goals here are to take raw voxel data and convert it to babylonjs meshes that I can then attach to an animated skeleton. So far the mesher is working great and I can attach to a skeleton. I would be open to another shader solution.

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Okay we almost their. The Error Msg occurs due babylonjs runing in CYOS and PG has predef. declarations you have to use like uniform textureSampler and not TexCord etc. 


I will work on in from time to time, feel free to contribute. I think about to put the hole thing in a PostProcess. Also feed it with Phong -Shader http://www.babylonjs.com/cyos/#1HF00B


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