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pCon.box (furniture space planning)


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As some of you may know i'm working on a framework for furniture space planning.
I posted an image of an very early version and some information about it here:

The first application which uses the framework is called pCon.box.
It features a big furniture catalog from different manufacturers. The furnitures are configurable (color, materials, design ...).

You can play around with it here: https://box.pcon-solutions.com/  (you can skip the login)
We also have an Android, IOS and Window app. You can find it here: http://www.easterngraphics.com/en/products/pconbox.html

Currently we are working on a complete planning solution for the web including achitecture (walls, windows),
multiple simultaneous 3d/2d views and all those nice gimmicks. :)

A big thanks to all BabylonJs contributors. Without it would not be possible for us to release our software now.


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16 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

do you want to promote it on babylonjs.com?

That would be nice i think. B) I will talk to our marketing department about it.

10 hours ago, inteja said:

@Kesshi did you have to optimise / low-poly model all the furnishings yourself from manufacturer's 3D CAD files? Have you partnered with these companies or hoping to with a cool demonstration of the possibilities of your product?

We are working together with some of these manufacturers since many years. We are using a data standard called OFML (office furniture modeling language). All of those furniture catalogs are based on OFML. Some of the manufacturer create the data themself.
With our new technology we created a way to use these data online. The CAD models are not optimzed for web because actually the furniture data was created for offline applications but the web-technology nowadays seems to be fast enough to handle this :) 

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