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Group objects from imported meshes

Richard C

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Help again please.

I am importing objects from Blender made up of 15 or so separate objects/meshes. I need to perform actions on all of them as if as one mesh and separate rotation actions on three of them 3 of them but all 15 should manoeuvre as one - forward/back/side to side.

I can use getMeshbyName to 'isolate' the separate objects but my question is:

1. If I group all 15 as one can I still manipulate the separate 3

2. How do I group all 15 together please.

Thanks in advance

Richard C

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And RC, yes, you can still manipulate the 3-group.  Give those 3 mesh... an invisible parent first.  Let's call it group3parent.  Now you can set the other 12 mesh.parent = masterParent, and then set group3parent.parent = masterParent.  :)  Rotate entire group by rotating masterParent.  Rotate 3-group by rotating group3parent.  Set parent.visibility = .01 and parent.showBoundingBox = true... if you want to display the parents... a little bit.  (while you work on the scene).  :)

You can maintain an array of meshes (or many arrays) if you wish.  We also have a "tags system"... that allows you to do pattern-matching on mesh tags.  And also... try everything.  Experiment.  See which mesh-organizing method you enjoy the most. 

Hope I'm not butting-in.  :)

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