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Fullscreen/Input Issue


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I'm currently having an issue where I attach a request fullscreen function to "game.input.onDown.add", as it seems to need to be attached to an input function like this.
However, this broke my game's ability to see keydown events for the keys A, S and D (but not the space bar or arrow keys).

I tried attaching the "goFullscreen" function to document.onmousedown, but bizarrely get the same result :-/.

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Yeah, that's standard browser behaviour I'm afraid.


"For security reasons, most keyboard inputs have been blocked in the fullscreen mode. However, in Google Chrome you can request keyboard support by calling the method with a flag:


This does not work in Safari, and the method won’t be called.

With Firefox, we are discussing and looking into various ways of how we we could add keyboard input support without jeopardizing the end user’s security. One suggestion, that no one has implemented yet, is therequestFullscreenWithKeys method, which in turn would trigger certain notifications for the user."


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