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Improve simple snake game


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Me and a couple of schoolmates are making a game in school. I should say that this is not primarily what our education is about but we've learned to write simple html, css and javascript and now for a bigger assignment we decided to code a game. The idea is to make sort of a quiz game with also a few mini games inside it. The end result doesn't need to be anywhere near perfect as long as we can "describe and reason about what we've learned". I understand if my questions seems really noobish because my knowledge about coding is very small but I would hope to get some ideas about how to do.

I've followed a tutorial to make a simple Snake game. Right now when you open the file the game immediately starts and restarts if you lose.

1. How would I go about creating a game menu that leads to this game?

2. How can I add some kind of game over or win screen? The idea is that if you get a certain score you "win the game".

3. Really simple question and I am kind of embarrassed to ask but how can I add a border to my snake animation?



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This was my first game aswell 

If you want to take a look at my github I have the code for the game. Unfortunately i gave up on it after i found game engines (Phaser) so it is only a little bit different to your version but i do have other stuff you may be interested in.

Any way let me know if this was helpful

here is the link https://github.com/owen-pheasey/snake


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