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Solved: Get World Coords in Post Process


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vec3 pos1 =  (world*vPosition).xyz;  // world position in the Fragment SHader
   if(gl_FragCoord.y > 0.)
     pos1 =  vPosition.xyz; 

    gl_FragColor = vec4( pos1, 1. );


if you don't change your mesh position (or  rotation or scaling ) world position  = Local Position

so both is same result


http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1YR2VY#3 // with rotation and scale


you dont have this data in postprocess but we can calculate that with color System

this is not exactly result . 

detect world Position in postprocess 

we use one render target so we have limitaion for x , y , z   0 -> 255

and when you use this range you have exactly position (no float point )


for understanding shader Builder : 





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Hi there,
thanks for your help! But the main reason why all my efforts weren't lucky is that the OpenGL projection matrix gives out non linear depth informations.

Why? I dont know! Perhaps they made it so that near objects had a better z-resolution.

So i'd had to modifiy the depthmap renderer to get my linear depth value.

This is the Vertex-Shader

// Attribute
attribute vec3 position;
attribute vec3 normal;

// Uniform

uniform mat4 viewProjection;
uniform mat4 view;
varying vec4 worldCoords; //world coordinates for the fragment shader
varying vec3 vNormalW; //normal of surface for the fragment shader

#if defined(ALPHATEST) || defined(NEED_UV)
varying vec2 vUV;
uniform mat4 diffuseMatrix;
#ifdef UV1
attribute vec2 uv;
#ifdef UV2
attribute vec2 uv2;

void main(void)
		gl_Position = viewProjection * finalWorld * vec4(position, 1.0);

		//here i get the vertex world position
		worldCoords = view * finalWorld * vec4(position, 1.0);

		//here i get the surface normal
		vNormalW = normalize(vec3(finalWorld * vec4(normal, 0.0)));
	#if defined(ALPHATEST) || defined(BASIC_RENDER)
	#ifdef UV1
		vUV = vec2(diffuseMatrix * vec4(uv, 1.0, 0.0));
	#ifdef UV2
		vUV = vec2(diffuseMatrix * vec4(uv2, 1.0, 0.0));

and here the fragment shader ... were all the magic happens ...

The Fragment Shader

varying vec4 worldCoords;
varying vec3 vNormalW;
varying vec2 vUV;
uniform sampler2D diffuseSampler;

uniform float far;

void main(void)
	if (texture2D(diffuseSampler, vUV).a < 0.4)

	//i only need the depth value ....
	gl_FragColor.a = abs(worldCoords.z) / far;
	// so i could use the rest of the color channels to store the surface normal
	gl_FragColor.xyz = (vNormalW.xyz + 1.0) / 2.0;

... and then in my post process ...

Post Process Fragment Shader

// Parameters
uniform vec3 extends; //the maximal values in x,y and z direction 
uniform mat4 mView; //inverted view matrix


void main(void){
	gl_FragColor = texture2D(textureSampler, vUV);

	//depth renderer output
	vec4 pInfo = texture2D(depthSampler, vUV);

	vec4 d;
	//bring the 0 to 1 viewport coords to -1 to 1 and multiply by depth 
	//this gives you the clipspace coords
	d.xy = (vUV.xy * 2.0 - 1.0) * pInfo.a; 

	//the linear clipspace coords multiplied by the directional maximals
	//this gives you the view coords
	d.xy *= extends.xy;
	d.z = pInfo.a * extends.z;
	d.w = 1.0;
	//view coords multiplied by the inverted view matrix
	//this gives you woorld coords
	vPositionW = vec4(mView * d).xyz;

	//decode normal
	vec3 vNormalW = pInfo.xyz * 2.0 - 1.0; 

... so it all come out nicely. It even gives me the space for the surface normal wich i can now use to make some nice post effect lighting!

ScreenShot 005 RTS - Google Chrome.jpg

this is a very early screenshot of my project. The layered fog, volumetric pointlights, beams, beamlights and unit range marker are drawn in the posteffect.


I've meant the "projection Matrix" is non linear ... not the viewport matrix!


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