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[O.T.]-Need The Best WebGL Tutorial Around!


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I've dropped Unity3D and GameMaker:Studio and am returning to HTML5/JS.
Have a big 2-D video game planned next(even bought it it's own domain).

I need the absolute best WebGL tutorial there is on the Internet.
I've Google'd quite a bit but could not find anything recent.

My current HTML5/JS 2-D video game engine is too slow for this new project.
Need the performance of WebGL, but can't find a great up-to-date tutorial.

Let me know, thanks!

P.S. - I am using a paid version of JetBrains "WebStorm" (quite frankly the best JS IDE there is for Windows/Linux)...

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Not sure how you think webGL will help videos (edit: oh, unless you mean video game as the retro term?), but, check out stackGL, loads of modules and docs for making working with webGL more fun and less error-prone. If you're feeling particularly plucky check out reGL for even more goodness. For writing shaders you don't need a web-focussed tutorial, thousands of good resources exist already, just make sure the language they are written in is compatible with webGL shaders (basically openGL ES 2.0 or 3.0, see https://www.khronos.org/registry/webgl/specs/latest/ for specifics).

Although if you just need an engine why go to the bother of creating one yourself? There are loads of good ones already mature and well used (ahem, Phaser mayhap?) that see great active development. To be blunt, if you're asking for tutorials you're not ready to take on the work on creating an engine, if this were for learning then thats a different story but you've already bolted and bought a domain so you want to ship something, remove the months/years of effort to create an engine, pick one off the shelf and just get creating your game. You'll learn about how your chosen engine/framework/library harnesses webGL by using that framework and it'll be better learning than most tutorials anyway, once you've got a picture of how it works you'll be in a far better placed to find targetted tutorials for specific bits you want more knowledge of (generic broad-spectrum tutorials are always garbage, they're never targetted at devs and they're usually written by crap devs because they're the only ones with the time to do it and they're probably flogging something, decent devs don't have the time as they're working but they will have time to write a focussed tutorial/info-piece on a specific part i.e. stuff they've had to learn as a team because it isn't well-known).

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