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Good Babylon.JS WebVR examples?


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Hey there!

Sorry if my question is noobish.

Are there any good examples for Babylon.js + VR ?

Looked at examples of official engine's site, they're great, but there's no example about vr (or I haven't found it yet).

Could you recommend something, guys?

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Wow they're really nice, thanks!

But they have a critical bug (at least on my Samsung SM 900 with latest Chrome): when I turn phone into a portrait mode, VR also gets "portraited".

This is really critical, because VR glasses can get any rotation. Can this be fixed?

Are there any examples which don't have such bug?


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The best solution is for library authors (f.e. you Deltakosh) to implement this functionality. App devs can do it too, but I think when someone uses libraries similar to Babylon, they usually intend to make the entire app with that library or framework, so it is nice when such a library provides options. It would be great to turn this on/off in Babylon for example.

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