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Set light intensity so that a mesh will always get the same amount of light, regardless of light's distance


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I have a scene where a mesh has a light 10 units away from it with intensity of 1.
Id like to know a formula/way of setting lights intensity to such a value, that when it is moved to 
20 units away from the mesh, it would still light the mesh as intensely as before.

Simply doubling the intensity value doesnt work.

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Thanks for the replies.
I was using point lights, and i was using a custom range, so light would attenuate and help to create more depth perception. 
Now im thinking of creating extra lights, 1 set with no attenuation, to consistently light the player, and other lights to light the scene.

I read somewhere that its not recommended to use more than 8 lights or something.
Is it better for performance if i use e.g 
5 lights with  includedOnlyMeshes array containing only 1 mesh, and then another 5 which apply to all meshes. ?


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