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Phaser bug- With floor aligned Tiles and collision direction (!?)


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After half a day of debugging, I am quite sure the issue is not in my code since it comes directly out of Phaser.
I attached a screenshot.

The characters collide at the green C marked position. But there is nothing to collide with.
The <obj>.body.blocked.left property is set to true >> so they are colliding left
This shouldn't be possible. Since there is no object (green mark C)

So I debugged the Phaser functions for collision.
The call comes out of: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/v2.6.2/src/physics/arcade/TilemapCollision.js#L356
(thanks to @Claudiovc )

processTileSeparationX is called from: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/v2.6.2/src/physics/arcade/TilemapCollision.js#L242
were I passed in the >tile< parameter to processTileSeparationX and logged it. You can see that in the console window in the screenshot.

The data on this tile shows that the ground-tiles are causing the <obj>.body.blocked.left = true. This Tile is marked red T.
This is a possible bug. I also tested all the tile data, which you can see is on debug mode. Every tile (debug mode) aligns on the same pixel on the Y axis.
So there is no "step" in it. The reason to assume it is a bug is that the collision on the left is called not <obj>.body.blocked.down

Any further thoughts or already investigations on that - or am I completely wrong :D





You can also test this with collision enabled only for top / bottom, then the floor tiles wont fire the collision.
So I assume this is indeed some issue with the collision detection within phaser.

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further Tests made
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hope you don't mind mentioning you in this post @rich

I am serious, this is a bug. I wrote a testcase so anyone can reproduce it.
To run the testcase, do:
1. npm install;
2. node server.js
then: http://localhost:8080/

I investigated now a few days to get sure it's not my code.
The "invisible" collision caused from the floor aligned tiles varies if the characters velocity is even or uneven.

I described above the way I debugged were the collision calls are coming from.
There is a phaser-arcade-testing.js in it, were I modified the physics to log the tile that causes the collision;
But this can also reproduced with any other phaserJS version. (I just added console.trace())

if it's even: there are other "invisible" collisions caused from the floor tiles, than by an uneven velocity.
I am quite sure this is a bug in the arcade collision physics by phaser. I tested phaser 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6




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Example files: deleted unecessary code to understand it more easy.
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