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RenderTexture for Tile-Maps - Any Downsides?


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I'm wondering whether a RenderTexture could be used for a 2d map that is roughly 2000x3000 at most

On theory, a RenderTexture is a dream come true, it's like the ultimate cache, I'm just wondering whether it has any downsides, maybe WebGL or Canvas issues, maybe limitations

I'm going to invest a considerable amount of effort into converting my complicated (not in a good way : ) and custom 2d map tiling routine, it would be nice to know potential issues beforehand

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I am using renderTexture for tilingSprite for slot game reels. The performance is good enough so far. Each tilingSprite contains 20 textures combined on 144*144 resolution, it masks out the area for 3 sprites. It runs smooth even when the spin speed is on top. I haven't experienced any kind of latency. Considering there are 5 reels, the performance is satisfying.

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Below 4096x4096 I haven't had any issues so far either, I'm too lazy to divide things into 2048x2048

Initially, without perfect .destroy's, some people experienced weird glitches, but now, with everything .destroy'ed perfectly, I'm hoping those issues will be a thing of the past

I also got the distant impression that old drivers don't favor large texture's, so I added the high performance RenderTexture routine as an optional feature

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