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Comprehensive Phaser Mobile Template?


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There are so many boilerplates and templates for Phaser, but none of them really have everything you need to publish a mobile app. I'm currently trying to make one now, but since I'm a beginner, it's taking me a looong time to figure things out and I'm wondering if what I want has already been made. What I'm looking for is a template is as follows:

  • Scales the game based on device aspect ratio (this includes screen dimensions, sprite size and positioning, having extra room vertically and horizontally to compensate for differing aspect ratios while having the important game elements in a 'safe zone', as well as having a full screen option if on desktop)
  • Scripts for building to android and ios using cordova & crosswalk (my friend has a script that can build and push a build to your phone in less than a few minutes, talk about convenient!)

Surely everyone has to figure these things out before publishing to mobile, and have made simple and amazing solutions, yet I never see any complete and simple examples (hopefully in ES6) that any beginner can pick up. Almost all Phaser tuts focus on the gameplay and breeze past everything else. As a beginner in programming, this has been my #1 frustration and I would seriously pay for a template that has a complete implementation of the above features that's easy to understand & in ES6.

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