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Pixi render texture on polygon


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Do you mean that the rectangular texture should be skewed and stretched to fit exactly into the bounds of the polygon? Or just that the polygon bounds should act as a clip region on the texture, which remains non-deformed? If you mean the second, simpler case, I got that to work in my p2Pixi example: https://github.com/TomWHall/p2Pixi But I don't know how to achieve the more complex case, if anyone else does I would love to know how too.

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I want to render a texture on this area, i do it using line to or polygon on graphics object, but sprites just offer me a square option. i need to change that (top, left), (top, right), (bottom, left), (bottom, right) in order to render a imagen inside it.




Hi there! to Achieve this effect you would need to "pop the hood" on pixi and create a custom sprite.

You can then override the _renderWebGL and _renderCanvas and draw the sprite however you fancy. Will require some webGL knowledge to get that done mind :)

Let me know how you get on and I will help if I can!

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