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Bitmap font not working


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My code as follows:

// loading
this.game.load.bitmapFont("futura", "assets/image/"+this.game.pr+"x/futura.png", "assets/image/"+this.game.pr+"x/futura.xml");


// game
var score = this.game.add.bitmapText(this.game.width/2,this.game.height/2 - 200, 'futura', "aaa", 100);

I see nothing, no errors in console I can trace out the score object and position, scale, value, everything is fine but the text doesn't show. I can run the exact same code with the 'desyrel' font xml and png and get the font showing so my xml appears to be the issue however I can see what the problem is?

I created the png and xml with the litter tool (renamed .fnt output file to .xml)

any ideas?



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