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Counting Uniforms


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Hello there,

I was looking for a way to count uniforms in Babylon.js and found this article that applies to webgl : link


I'm wondering how to adapt the code to work with babylon.js, I know that webgl is inside BABYLON.Engine._gl but what about "program" , since it's the shader it has to be defined somewhere , if someone could point me to it , I could adapt the function and post the code in this thread so it could provide additional tool to optimize babylon.js scenes.

Thanks !




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Awesome, thanks a lot !

Turns out everything I need is under engine , here is the code for those interested :


function getProgramInfo(engine) {

        var gl = engine._currentEffect._engine._gl;

        var program = engine._currentEffect._program;

    var result = {
            attributes: [],
            uniforms: [],
            attributeCount: 0,
            uniformCount: 0
        activeUniforms = gl.getProgramParameter(program, gl.ACTIVE_UNIFORMS),
        activeAttributes = gl.getProgramParameter(program, gl.ACTIVE_ATTRIBUTES);

    // Taken from the WebGl spec:
    // http://www.khronos.org/registry/webgl/specs/latest/1.0/#5.14
    var enums = {
        0x8B50: 'FLOAT_VEC2',
        0x8B51: 'FLOAT_VEC3',
        0x8B52: 'FLOAT_VEC4',
        0x8B53: 'INT_VEC2',
        0x8B54: 'INT_VEC3',
        0x8B55: 'INT_VEC4',
        0x8B56: 'BOOL',
        0x8B57: 'BOOL_VEC2',
        0x8B58: 'BOOL_VEC3',
        0x8B59: 'BOOL_VEC4',
        0x8B5A: 'FLOAT_MAT2',
        0x8B5B: 'FLOAT_MAT3',
        0x8B5C: 'FLOAT_MAT4',
        0x8B5E: 'SAMPLER_2D',
        0x8B60: 'SAMPLER_CUBE',
        0x1400: 'BYTE',
        0x1401: 'UNSIGNED_BYTE',
        0x1402: 'SHORT',
        0x1403: 'UNSIGNED_SHORT',
        0x1404: 'INT',
        0x1405: 'UNSIGNED_INT',
        0x1406: 'FLOAT'

    // Loop through active uniforms
    for (var i = 0; i < activeUniforms; i++) {
        var uniform = gl.getActiveUniform(program, i);
        uniform.typeName = enums[uniform.type];
        result.uniformCount += uniform.size;

    // Loop through active attributes
    for (var i = 0; i < activeAttributes; i++) {
        var attribute = gl.getActiveAttrib(program, i);
        attribute.typeName = enums[attribute.type];
        result.attributeCount += attribute.size;

    return result;


engine is the object result of new BABYLON.Engine(canvas,true) so in the console, to get the data, one should type : console.table(getProgramInfo(your engine obj).uniforms)

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