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So I have been programming with JavaScript for like oh gosh 18 some years now and am constantly looking for better methods.  Last night I stumbled upon something I had never seen before and was kinda interested if it would really work because Dreamweaver was super angry about it so i figured it was out of convention.

Anyways what I am referring to is literal strings... like you know how if you wanted to create a dynamic element so lets say a div or a textarea.

Normally I thought to do this you would always need to just chain a string together so something like this:

var block = document.createElement('div');

block.innerHTML = "Som stuff bllah elements"+
"New like of string stuff because who likes long strings"+
"by this point im annoyed...";

And that's is a pain like a super pain... and what happens when I want literals and dont want to          to make extra spaces and the such, like for real im sure you can all agree it sucks.

Anyways I discovered use that all time neglected ``  you know the Gave Accent that no one ever uses... yeah well that trick little bugger makes JS ignore all formatting and calculate it as a literal string as far as I can tell so

the inneHTML declaration ends up looking like this.
block.innerHTML =
Especially if trying to show formated scripts

The breaklines and tabs come through, and it ends up being way
more readable and editable.`;

like I know its very specific and I have not really tested it much... but I was like kinda stoked about it so I figured someone else might be too...

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