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How to put shader pixelate ?


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I am new to using Phaser for small games and I try to put the shader Pixelate. I do not know how to put it and when I look at the example, this one does not even work. I tried to copy the code from another shader, but this one is different. What should I do ?

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I ran into the same issue. I got it working in my game by doing the following.

Be sure to include the Pixelate.js after you load phaser.js.



With that loaded, now you can use the filter.

var pixelate = this.game.add.filter('Pixelate', this.game.width, this.game.height);
pixelate.sizeX = pixelate.sizeY = 4;

var sprite = this.game.add.sprite();
sprite.width = this.game.width;
sprite.height = this.game.height;
sprite.filters = [ pixelate ];


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