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finding duration of sound file and see if it shoudl be playing


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Hi. I remember meeting a French guy who was very close with his brother (he talked about him a lot) and worked on the audio for Babylon.js.  I have a question for him.

I am looking at my audio files and trying to determine if they should be playing at any particular keyframe based on them being set to Play at an earlier key frame.  Right now I'm looking at the soundFile._audioBuffer.duration and then doing some math to determine if it should be playing part way through at the current key frame.  Two questions:

1. is there an easier way to do this?

2. is the "duration" accurate or is there a better way to get duration of a sound file?




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Right now I am using the following to make this work  (item is the key where the file started in the past, keyIndex is my index tracking, kps is 60)

  if(item < keyIndex){
      var audioEndKeyFrame = item+(Math.round(curSound.sound._audioBuffer.duration)*kps);
      if(audioEndKeyFrame > keyIndex){
        var keyFramePlayPoint = (keyIndex-item)/kps;
        curSound.sound.isPaused = true;
        curSound.sound._startOffset = keyFramePlayPoint;


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Hi Jeff,

 Good feedback. Yes, audioBuffer.duration is accurate. It's not the first time I've been asked to implement Sprite on audio, I'll work on that. If you have a prefered way or idea on how the API should look as the client caller, I'll be interested. 

 I'm going to expose the duration as a public property also. 



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