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Difficulty with exported animations


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Hi everyone,

I'm having some trouble understanding a problem I'm facing and I would like some help. I have created an object and animated it using a bone structure. I then exported everything using 3DS Max Exporter (including a camera and 2 lights) but the looping animation shown (Export&Run) is not smooth, it feels like it's skipping frames. 

To demonstrate this, I have created a test scene:

2 boxes, both with a simple animation (they go 720 degrees around in 100 frames). One has just its rotation keyed and the other one has a bone attached that has been animated.

The result is what I had expected: the simple one is smooth (is at it should) but the one with the bone is laggy.


I know there must be a fix to this but I've been looking through the Documentation with no success and would like some help.



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