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Decals on scaled spheres


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I'm currently testing things with decals, however my entire stage in on a widen out sphere with `.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(25, 1, 25)`. But it seems as if decals are being treated like my sphere was never scaled; they wrap around a round sphere instead of the stretched one. I confirmed the behavior that if you select the box, the decal goes beneath the sphere: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#PSKRF#8

So basically do you have any suggestions on how I can tackle my issue? I have considered these approaches:
* Replace the sphere with a very similar heightMap. heightMaps can be scaled and decals respect that. However I would prefer not using heightMap for a sphere issue as of now.
* Maybe I need to make Babylon get that I scaled the sphere more than just setting .scaling?
* Try some wonky texture placing on sphere which I think will be a lot of work

Could be something I'm missing as of now which I would gladly get told. 

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