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Strange glowing artifacts


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Hi guys!

So I have a scene. Check it out here:

Here's my problem. I have a few lights in the scene, a red one a green one and a blue one. The green and blue are just outside of the map. (Other side of the walls)
Strangely enough, the blue light seems to affect a mesh in strange ways.  See here:


Why is this? O_O

Note: To see these artifacts for yourself, walk up to the skeleton and he'll follow you. Just move towards the center of the room and stuff will start happening.

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Any chance for a slimmed-down playground version...lights, box, skeleton, camera, with same issue, Joshkosh B'Gosh?

Have you changed the blue light to another color... to make sure the blue light is causing it?  (Could be an accidental blue specular from a diffuse=green light.)

How about doubling the intensity of the blue light?  Do more bones get the affect?  Weird.

Just feeling around in the dark, here.  :)  Why does it only affect those certain mesh, eh?  Almost like the normals on those mesh... are different from other bones.  hmm.

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22 hours ago, Klaas said:

Hi joshcamas,
im pretty sure the problem is in the skeletton-mesh. The way the artefacts look (z fighting surface) i assume doubled triangles with wrong normals.

With doubled triangles i mean there are two sets of triangles on top of another.

Aw, I checked and it looks fine to me, I tried "removing doubles" command, as well as checked the places that glitched by hand... strangely Cannot find any doubles or z fighting! :o

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@joshcamas and @Klaas : I took a look at the last .blend file of the skeleton that josh posted


And I checked the normals and the vertex count for a piece of the mesh that was displaying "strange behaviour". See image below.

Normals are fine and there are 32 verts according to Blender ( green box ) you should be able to count them in the image.

I think @Wingnut's suggestion of a slimmed down PG is a good one. Really would be useful to know what type of lights, where they are, do they have a "range" parameter, and specular activity.

Also is flat shading turned on?

Working with multiple lights can be a little tricky - and may need some tweaking :o

cheers, gryff :)


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