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errors with iOS 10


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I'm getting a bunch of these errors with babylon 2.3, 2.4 and 2.4 preview on iOS 10 Safari

[Error] IndexSizeError (DOM Exception 1): The index is not in the allowed range.
	drawImage (babylon.2.3.core.js:4:16784)
	(anonymous function) (babylon.2.3.core.js:4:16784)
	o (babylon.2.3.core.js:3:23232)
	y (babylon.2.3.core.js:4:16330)
	onerror (babylon.2.3.core.js:3:8265)
[Error] BJS - [19:23:18]: Error while trying to load texture: 3D/diffuse_sml.jpg
	_ErrorEnabled (babylon.2.3.core.js:3:14459)
	onerror (babylon.2.3.core.js:3:4384)
[Error] Cross-origin image load denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy.
	onerror (babylon.2.3.core.js:3:4450)

You can see them pop up here www.punkoffice.com/dizingof

The result is that my mesh does not show.  I don't know why its complaining about cross-origin because the image and mesh are all on the same domain.  

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1 hour ago, BitOfGold said:

If you have full access (and mod_headers is turned on in apache), you can add this line to the .htaccess file:


Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

That did fix it.  Thank you!  I think its strange how it worked before.  Also, all my paths are relative (on same domain) which is why I'm confused.

I get Safari crashing and restarting still with some other websites but I don't think is a babylon.js problem.

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well this is strange (or I'm going crazy).  I removed the .htaccess files to recreate the problem...and there was no problem.  It stopped complaining about cross-domain files.  I thought it could be cached but I was refreshing from the browser console.  I haven't changed any code or server configs.

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