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How can i down file Get.zip with skybox ?


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Did either of you answer this guy's question?  :) 

PG 13 is failing to zip.  I think THAT is the issue.  I think CPN is asking how he can download the PG 13 ZIP file, not how he can download a skybox, or download the entire playground source.  heh.  

Does anyone know why zipping PG's with skyboxes... is failing?  Path/CORs/scope problem?  Likely.  I hope it is repair-able.  I hope so.  I really love the playground's GET ZIP button (and the ZIP button at CYOS, too, which is no longer linked-to at the bottom of the playground screen.  Oh no!)

Welcome to the forum, @Chien Pham Ngoc.  Thanks for reporting this issue.  The playground was recently updated, and some things might still need tweaking.  We'll get @Deltakosh on the case, if possible.  If the GET ZIP button is going to fail on skybox playgrounds, then we/someone should try to disable that button on playgrounds with skyboxes (in my opinion).

I reported some broken playground zips, in PM to Deltakosh (a couple months ago), and never got a reply.  No big deal, but.. I would still like to get them working.

@Nabroski, are you suggesting that a first-time forum user... should set-up the playground at home, with the identical media resources and paths, then troubleshoot the broken zipper, then fix it, and then submit a PR to the PG repository?

I've been around here for 3 years, and I'm not qualified to do a repair of the PG.  I'm not sure it is CPN's duty or place... to repair our playground zipper.  He might not have his advanced engineering degree quite yet.  :D

If nobody else fixes the playground, then I will try-to, @Chien Pham Ngoc.  I will need lots of coffee and drugs, first, though.  Be patient.  :)


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Nah, DK, you didn't ignore me.  I said in the PM... that I didn't need a reply.  I was simply telling  CPN that I ALSO reported some broken playgrounds, and had heard no change of status about that.  (I wasn't sure how or why they were failing to zip.  Might not be related to THIS issue.) 

I just reported them as failing-to-zip, in case you wanted to know.  No reply was necessary for that.  Thx, though.  And thx for work on new PG config.

I need to let others answer forum questions about new playground issues.  I don't know what changed, or why.

Did we lose (break) some working playgrounds with these current changes?   Lots?  Can we expect lots more PG issues asked in the forum? 

Yeah, I know, too many questions. :)

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