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OnIntersectionEnterTrigger not triggering with camera


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I'm using Babylon.js `2.4.0`.

I have a mesh (in the shape of a couch) loaded from a `.obj` file, and a camera set up like this:

    let camera = new BABYLON.FreeCamera('camera1', new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 2, 0), scene);

    camera.checkCollisions = true;
    camera.applyGravity = true;
    camera.ellipsoid = new BABYLON.Vector3(1, 1, 1);
    camera.attachControl(canvas, false);
    camera.speed = 0.5;
    camera.actionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(scene);

I want to set up an event so that when I walk through the couch, "intersection" is logged to the console:

    let action = new BABYLON.ExecuteCodeAction(
      { trigger: BABYLON.ActionManager.OnIntersectionEnterTrigger, parameter: { mesh: couchMesh }},
      (evt) => {

When I walk through the mesh, nothing is logged to the console. 

I've created an example on the [Babylon.js Playground](http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KNXZF#1) using an example that they provide to check that it wasn't a problem with my mesh or camera set up, and it doesn't appear to be (the playground doesn't work either).

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Hiya @jameskmonger, welcome to the forum!  Sorry it has taken so long to receive a reply.

I don't think cameras can use onIntersectionEnterTrigger... because cameras are not a mesh.  I'm not REAL sure about that, but that COULD be the problem.


Here, I built a "camera gizmo" mesh, made it invisible, parented it to the camera, and then put the intersect actionManager on the camgizmo.  Seems to be working.

Perhaps others will have comments or better ideas.  Again, welcome, good to have you with us.

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