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How to embed canvas into Facebook post


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I have searched everywhere and I can't find an answer to this.

I'm trying to find out how you get content with a webGL canvas embedded automatically when posting up a website.  An example is this link here: https://sketchfab.com/models/1913063b18df42c4acbfca7e5ecab779

If I post that up on Facebook, users can click on it and spin the 3D model around within their timeline.  It was only recent that Sketchfab was able to do this so I'm not sure if its a coding trick or some kind of arrangement made with Facebook to allow it.  I'd really like users to view 3D content within their Facebook timeline, without having to open up a new website tab.

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I was interested in this some time ago too and from what I have found you can't. It is not that Sketchfab used some Facebook's features to embed their content into Facebook post, but Facebook add a feature to show Sketchfab scenes like you can see in users' posts.

Some time ago there was something like Games Feed (if I remember the name correctly). You could embed Flash content in very similar way. But also not possible anymore. 

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1 hour ago, Sebavan said:

You need company agreement with them to expose your content as it could be a potential security issue. 

Html5 Games is now available as a preview on Facebook so I guess this could be the easy place to go.

I've been reading up what I can about HTML5 games for Facebook.  I haven't seen how it works as a URL written within a post.  Still cool though, definitely something the babylon.js community can take advantage of.

I'm trying to find out how one gets a company agreement with Facebook to enable automatic embedding and if there is a cost to it.  Sketchfab have done it, so its definitely possible.  Its very hard to contact Facebook directly.  They don't have an e-mail address or phone number that I can just call.

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