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Phaser with TileMap events


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Hi guys,

So I am trying to develop and learn Phaser for educational game purposes. I have explored adding sprites/images to make a game, but now i am trying to use the Tiled program to build game levels.

Can anyone tell me the best way to change/modify the player when it is touching/overlapping certain tiles?


Currently I am using a single layer Tiled.json file. Trying to make a slippery/acceleration boost surface. I can change the player speed, but I can't reset it back after they leave the tiles.

At the moment I am setting the collision by - map.setTileIndexCallback([95], this.slippery, this);

calling a function slippery that sets my variable - playerSpeed = 500;

then I need a way to set it back to slow again. 

Is there a leave tile function/callback?

Another issue with doing it my way is that it overwrites the - map.setCollisionBetween(1,146); and the player falls through the tile.

So I have had to make an invisible tile above the surface that I want to make slippery to make it work.

If I am going about this all wrong please let me know. 

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