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[Solved] SceneSerializer: rotation.asArray is not a function


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I am trying to serialize the scene with


 and am getting a "mesh.rotation.asArray is not a function".

Serialization works fine when meshes are not rotated.

On further exploration, I realised that that mesh.rotation was not a Vector3 object but an object with getters, setters and __op__: Observer. Could this be the issue? 

Can you please help me fix this.

Please let me know if you need more details.

Thank you

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@Deltakosh Thanks for the prompt reply. For further illustration, I have added following code to your playground to produce updated playground


Note that both sphere.rotation and scene.meshes[0].rotation return Vector3 like objects with the following characteristics

  1. there are no getters and setters for x,y,z
  2. there is a method mesh.rotation.asArray()

However, when I execute console.log(scene.meshes[2].rotation) with my scene, I get an object with following

  1. there are getters and setters for x,y,z
  2. but no asArray() method.
  3. A property {__op__: Observer}. Do you know what kind of object this could be? 

I must mention that I doing this for meshes loaded in .obj format. Could loading .obj be responsible for this? Is there a way for me to add assets to playgrounds (so that I can demonstrate the error)?


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