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fill tiles in all of world


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I am trying to get a working model together using the isometric plug-in.  I have being trying to fit the grid into world bounds, but it fails to line up.  In the example i set "water" tiles in each corner.  

Here is an example: http://codepen.io/jeremyBass/pen/vydqry 

What I'm seeing here


And this is what I'm trying to get (expect)


The end results would be a grid that is not square or anything i realize, looking something like 


Where the `[ ]` is a tile, but that it would be the least amount of tiles while still covering the whole of the world.  Any help or where i may look to edit the source to make this happen.  I am good with js, just learned this framework this morning so a little lost on what is an issue/bug and a feature that doesn't exist and needs to be created.





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