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How to view # of webgl draw calls


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Where and how can I view the number of webgl calls in real-time? The following solutions didn't work for me:

* Phaser debug module (sometimes it work, somtimes it doesn't, based on my code

* The chrome webgl inspector extension. Hasn't been updated since 2012, is horribly buggy and doesn't show the number of calls anywhere that I can easily find.

Also, I wonder if Phaser's built-in debug class should keep track of frequency of calls? Seeing as #calls has such a major impact on performance, it might be a good idea. 

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There's always overhead in monitoring overhead.

Personally I would recommend the Firefox Canvas Debugger, it's absolutely excellent. It doesn't run in 'real time', i.e. you get a frame snapeshot when you invoke it, but it will tell you more about that one single frame than any other tool I've ever seen. I cover it here: http://phaser.io/tutorials/advanced-rendering-tutorial/part2

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